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Julien David x FACETASM x The Fridge Tokyo | Black Thread, Black Ink Project and Exhibition, Tokyo JP [June 2022]
Clothing Japan Collaboration items/graphics for their F22 Collection [February 2022]
Collaboration and Art Curation with Jeremy Yamamura at Dojo Tokyo [November 2021]
Psycho Cubism, 
Dayz Store Miyashita Tokyo Art Curation and Special Items. "The Fridge at Dayz" featuring Aki Tsukamoto  [September 2021]
Upcycle/Recycle temporary Shop at TheSightRoom Tokyo with Julien David, Witty Vintage, Mademoiselle Yulia & Keisuke Masda [June 2021]
Ace Hotel Kyoto
Gallery Art Curation, Eri Nomura "Silhouette, Schatten." [April 2021]
Face Oka
x Julien David Limited Edition "Dreamin' Archipelago" Print Release [February 2021]
Julien David Omotesando Shop at Tokyo MHT Building [December 2020]
Face Oka
x Julien David Special Items & Clothing Collaboration [November 2020]
T9G Rangeas Jr Julien David Dotted Soft V Figure Collaboration  [November 2020]
Julien David Summer Space Pop Up at Under The Palmo in Hayama, Japan  [July 2020]
T9G Rangeas Jr concrete
and Special items collaboration [April 2020]
Hikaru Matsubara 'SANDOMI STUDIO' collaboration [March 2020]
Teppei Kaneuji
collaboration [February 2020]
Julien David Kyoto Space at BAL [April 2019 to January 2020]
Ayako Kuno Installation and collaboration [December 2019]
Hiroshi Nagai The Wave and The Wave Indian Summer Scarf Collaboration [August 2019]
Short Series Boardshorts Collaboration [June 2019]
Salvage Public Honolulu Sunglasses and Cap Collaboration [May 2019]
Ryukujuan Shimizu Kyoto Konpeito Candy Collaboration [March 2019]
Raphael Lugassy Persevere Video [January 2019]
Tokyo Daikanyama Sleeper Skater Pop-Up Shop [December 2018]
Maria Kochetkova Special Item [August 2018]
Takeover at Via Bus Stop Daikanyama Tokyo [August 2018]
Opera Costume Design DIE WALKÜRE ACT II at Frank Gerry New World Center's South Beach, FL Directed by Antoine Wagner[July 2018]
Kosmiico Dadeko 3D Costume Design and Lookbook [June 2018]
T9G Graphics Tee Collab [January 2018]
Go Nagai Grendizer Collaboration [January 2017]
Pre-Fall 2018 Collection Lookbook shot by Raphael Lugassy [September 2017]
Takeover at Colette Waterbar Walls [October 2016]
Pragmata Gallery Suzuki Tamotsu and Funakoshi Tomatsu Ceramics Installation [September 2016]
Colette Window Double Window [March 2016]
Antidote Magazine The Freedom Issue, Julien David Tulle tops shot by Ren Hang [February 2016]
Pre-Fall 2016 Collection Lookbook shot by Ethan James Green [January 2016]
Ed Banger Soundtrack for Fall 2016 Collection [January 2016]
Colette ZigZag Window [November 2015]
Installation at the Beaux Arts Cour du Mûrier Fontaine for our Spring 16 Collection [October 2015]
Colette Surf Club [August 2015]
Julien David Quiksilver Colette Window [February 2015]
Dover Street Market New York Custom Installation [February 2015]
Quiksilver Snowboard Collection [January 2015]
Aaron Young Barricade Fall 2015 Show Installation [January 2015]
Oakley Frogskin x 2 Collaboration Project : Colette exclusive [January 2015]
Etudes & Preludes Maria Kochetkova Collaboration [September 2014]
Julien David Sound for Colette Release Event [September 2014]
Le Bon Marche Window Installation [April 2014]
Dover Street Market London Custom Installation [March 2014]
Dover Street Market New York Custom Installation [January 2014]
Pre-Fall 2014 Collection Lookbook shot by Clare Shilland [January 2014]
Ambush Design Collaboration [January 2014]
Antoine Wagner Gesamtkunstwerk Collection Collaboration [January 2014]
A la mere de famille Dinosaur Chocolate Collab [December 2013]
Julien David Flash Shop London [December 2013]
Dover Street Market Ginza Custom Installation [October 2013]
Miri Matsufuji & Shiori Ikeno Too Much Magazine Photo Exhibition [September 2013]
Julien David Quiksilver Collection Show Launch [June 2013]
Colette Dinosaur Sweater [April 2013]
Anja Rubik Julien David Mondrian Top Photographed by Collier Schorr for Self-Service #38 [March 2013]
Vector Graphics for the Drawer Volume 3 [February 2012]
Biotop Mirror City Garden Installation [February 2012]
Philip Andelman Julien David Scarf Video [January 2012]
Paris L.A. Photographic Essay [April 2011]
Superman DC Comics / Warner Bros. [May 2010]
Pringle of Scotland x Julien David Hacker Sweater [January 2010]


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