We have collaborated with over a hundred companies of varying sizes and industries, as well as creative individuals from around the globe. 

JULIEN DAVID was at the forefront of the early 2000's fashion designers referencing streetwear & skate/surf culture [1] [2] [3] and low def computer sub-culture to incorporate it into runway collections [4] [5]; this resulted in a new segment of the market, making hi-end garments more playful and relevant.
Julien was recognized for his efforts in 2012 when he won the prestigious ANDAM Fashion Award Grand Prize [6] [7], which also included a one-year mentorship with LVMH Fashion Division. 

Julien has worked for reputable companies like Narciso Rodriguez, Tods Group, and Ralph Lauren [8]From 2014 to 2017, he was entrusted by the surfwear giant Quiksilver to create high-performance collections using only recycled fabrics and sustainable methods [9] [10] [11] . In 2019, Julien embarked on an ongoing art project called "THE FRIDGE," collaborating with emerging creatives from Japan and abroad, bridging Design, Fashion and Art. Most recently Julien has collaborated with the iconic  Designer / Stylist / Fashion Commentator Andre Walker as well as performing creative direction and costume design for renown American artist Antoine Wagner.

Julien's work has been showcased several times in French and US Vogue, ID Magazine, Dazed & Confused, The New York Times, Elle, Ginza, Spur, L’Officiel, Numero, Purple Magazine, Glamour, Forbes, Interview, WWD, Wonderland, Details, Grazia, GQ, Pop, Le Figaro, Le Monde, Liberation, Modzik, Nylon, Jalouse, Lula, Marie Claire, W and more.


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Hypebeast [Collection and Project review]
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Collaboration, Curation and Design with artist and fashion designer Andre Walker : Studio Visit Project, Open Rehearsal with Sofia Borges, Joji Nakamura Show [February 2024 to present]
35 East Productions  x Julien David :  Antoine Wagner performance art project, Costume Design & Creative Direction [December 2023]
Art Helps Heaps
x Julien David Fashion Design Charity project featuring 15 top creatives from all over the world [October 2023]
ICE Pop Shop
, Dayz Store Miyashita Tokyo Curation and Special Items, Clothing and Accessories Design. "The Fridge at Dayz" featuring 5 Tokyo Street Artists  [August 2023]
7 Show curation and design projects
 | Ayako Sakuragi, Katsu Naito, Joji Nakamura, Sydney Albertini and more..., New York NY [Feb to July 2023]
Julien David x FACETASM x The Fridge Tokyo | Black Thread, Black Ink Project , Fashion Pop Up Shop, Show and Exhibition, Tokyo JP [June 2022]
Clothing Japan Collaboration items/graphics for their F22 Collection [February 2022]
Collaboration with Jeremy Yamamura at Dojo Tokyo [November 2021]
Psycho Cubism, 
Dayz Store Miyashita Tokyo Art Curation and Special Items. "The Fridge at Dayz" featuring Aki Tsukamoto  [September 2021]
Upcycle/Recycle temporary Shop at TheSightRoom Tokyo with Julien David, Witty Vintage, Mademoiselle Yulia & Keisuke Masda [June 2021]
Ace Hotel Kyoto
Curation, Eri Nomura "Silhouette, Schatten." [April 2021]
Face Oka
x Julien David Limited Edition "Dreamin' Archipelago" Print Release [February 2021]
Julien David Omotesando Shop at Tokyo MHT Building [December 2020]
Face Oka
x Julien David Special Items & Clothing Collaboration [November 2020]
T9G Rangeas Jr Julien David Dotted Soft V Figure Collaboration  [November 2020]
Julien David Summer Space Pop Up at Under The Palmo in Hayama, Japan  [July 2020]
T9G Rangeas Jr concrete
and Special items collaboration [April 2020]
Hikaru Matsubara 'SANDOMI STUDIO' collaboration [March 2020]
Teppei Kaneuji
collaboration [February 2020]
Julien David Kyoto Space at BAL [April 2019 to January 2020]
Ayako Kuno Installation and collaboration [December 2019]
Hiroshi Nagai The Wave and The Wave Indian Summer Scarf Collaboration [August 2019]
Short Series Boardshorts Collaboration [June 2019]
Salvage Public Honolulu Sunglasses and Cap Collaboration [May 2019]
Ryukujuan Shimizu Kyoto Konpeito Candy Collaboration [March 2019]
Raphael Lugassy Persevere Video [January 2019]
Tokyo Daikanyama Sleeper Skater Pop-Up Shop [December 2018]
Maria Kochetkova Special Item [August 2018]
Takeover at Via Bus Stop Daikanyama Tokyo [August 2018]
Opera Costume Design DIE WALKÜRE ACT II at Frank Gerry New World Center's South Beach, FL Directed by Antoine Wagner[July 2018]
Kosmiico Dadeko 3D Costume Design and Lookbook [June 2018]
T9G Graphics Tee Collab [January 2018]
Go Nagai Grendizer Collaboration [January 2017]
Pre-Fall 2018 Collection Lookbook shot by Raphael Lugassy [September 2017]
Takeover at Colette Waterbar Walls [October 2016]
Pragmata Gallery Suzuki Tamotsu and Funakoshi Tomatsu Ceramics Installation [September 2016]
Colette Double Window [March 2016]
Antidote Magazine The Freedom Issue, Julien David Tulle tops shot by Ren Hang [February 2016]
Pre-Fall 2016 Collection Lookbook shot by Ethan James Green [January 2016]
Ed Banger Soundtrack for Fall 2016 Collection [January 2016]
Colette ZigZag Window [November 2015]
Installation at the Beaux Arts Cour du Mûrier Fontaine for our Spring 16 Collection [October 2015]
Colette Surf Club [August 2015]
Julien David Quiksilver Colette Window [February 2015]
Dover Street Market New York Custom Installation [February 2015]
Quiksilver Snowboard Collection [January 2015]
Aaron Young Barricade Fall 2015 Show Installation [January 2015]
Oakley Frogskin x 2 Collaboration Project : Colette exclusive [January 2015]
Etudes & Preludes Maria Kochetkova Collaboration [September 2014]
Julien David Sound for Colette Release Event [September 2014]
Le Bon Marche Window Installation [April 2014]
Dover Street Market London Custom Installation [March 2014]
Dover Street Market New York Custom Installation [January 2014]
Pre-Fall 2014 Collection Lookbook shot by Clare Shilland [January 2014]
Ambush Design Collaboration [January 2014]
Antoine Wagner Gesamtkunstwerk Collection Collaboration [January 2014]
A la mere de famille Dinosaur Chocolate Collab [December 2013]
Julien David Flash Shop London [December 2013]
Dover Street Market Ginza Custom Installation [October 2013]
Miri Matsufuji & Shiori Ikeno Too Much Magazine Photo Exhibition [September 2013]
Julien David Quiksilver Collection Show Launch [June 2013]
Colette Dinosaur Sweater [April 2013]
Anja Rubik Julien David Mondrian Top Photographed by Collier Schorr for Self-Service #38 [March 2013]
Vector Graphics for the Drawer Volume 3 [February 2012]
Biotop Mirror City Garden Installation [February 2012]
Philip Andelman Julien David Scarf Video [January 2012]
Paris L.A. Photographic Essay [April 2011]
Superman DC Comics / Warner Bros. [May 2010]
Pringle of Scotland x Julien David Colette Hacker Sweater [January 2010]


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